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With more than 125 years of innovation, Honeywell has gone beyond our roots with furnace regulators and our well-known thermostats to become a global technology leader that is helping to address some of the world’s toughest challenges like energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, customer productivity and expanding global wealth per capita.  Today, the Honeywell brand is recognized worldwide, and, in order to build and protect our reputation for quality, performance and innovation, it is essential that every employee, partner and supplier understand and correctly apply the Honeywell brand standards to everything that bears our name. 


Complete brand guidelines are available to employees and approved third parties on the Honeywell Brand Management Website.




The Honeywell Logo







The Honeywell logo is a globally recognized trademark that unifies our people, products and services. Care must always be taken to use the logo correctly and to prevent any improper or unauthorized use. 


Logo Use Guidelines:

  • The logo (or any other Honeywell trademark) may not be used by Honeywell partners, distributors, suppliers and/or any other third parties without express prior written permission. To obtain permission, please contact your Honeywell representative, or email Honeywell’s Brand Management team. 
  • The logo can only appear in red white or black on a solid white, red or black background.  The preferred use is the red logo on white. The logo should never be placed on top of an image. 
  • A clear zone or control field must always surround the logo. The width of the control field is determined by a measure equal to the height of the capital H around all sides. No graphic elements of any kind should intrude into this field.
  • Do not use the logo within a headline or text copy. It should always standalone.
  • Never distort or manipulate the logo. Do not add special effects like drop shadows or apply screens or gradation.



Honeywell Standards & Templates for 3rd Parties

    Approved third parties must follow established Honeywell guidelines for use of our name and trademark within their materials.

      Download Honeywell 3rd Party Standards


      Additional materials and templates are available to employees and approved third parties on the Honeywell Brand Management website.  Always be sure to confirm proper approvals are obtained from the Brand Management team and the Legal Department prior third party use of the logo.

      If you have questions or require access to the brand management web, email us.


    Honeywell Leadership Images
    For additional images not found in this library, contact the respective corporate or business group media contact.

    David M. Cote David M. Cote

    Chairman and CEO

    Tim Mahoney Tim Mahoney

    President and CEO,

    Roger Fradin Roger Fradin

    Vice Chairman

    Terrence Hahn Terrence Hahn

    President and CEO,
    Transportation Systems

    Andreas Kramvis Andreas Kramvis

    Vice Chairman 

    Kate Adams

    Kate Adams
    Senior Vice President,
    General Counsel

    Kate Adams

    Darius Adamczyk
    President and CEO,
    Performance Materials and Technologies

    Tom Szlosek Tom Szlosek

    Senior Vice President,
    Chief Financial Officer

    Rhonda Germany Rhonda Germany

    Corporate Vice President,
    Chief Strategy and
    Marketing Officer

    Mark James Mark James

    Senior Vice President,
    Human Resources, Procurement and

    Shane Tedjarati Shane Tedjarati

    Global High Growth Regions

    Krishna Mikkilineni Krishna Mikkilineni

    Senior Vice President,
    Engineering and Operations

    Alex Ismail Alex Ismail

    President and CEO,
    Automation and Control Solutions