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Intellectual Properties Licensing 
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Intellectual Properties Licensing


Honeywell’s proven technologies, leading edge patents, and world-renowned brands can be one of the best and fastest ways to accelerate your success.  Whether you’re looking to shortcut R&D challenges, leap-frog competition, or command premium pricing through brand affiliation, Honeywell is a uniquely rewarding partner for Intellectual Property licensing.   We approach licensing in a clear, straight-forward way with a focus on achieving mutual success.


Technology Licensing


With expertise across a wide variety of vital industries, Honeywell offers a vast set of portable technologies and can enable your company to compete more effectively and grow market share. Honeywell provides specialized know-how, patented technologies and valuable business support to maximize your success in achieving business goals.


Benefits of Technology Licensing


  • Shorten product development time
  • Gain entry into otherwise protected industries
  • Enhance quality of products and processes
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Expand existing business capabilities


Trademark Licensing


Customers prefer to buy brands they know and trust.  With Honeywell behind you, you’re more likely to succeed.  Our strong brands, our cooperative go-to-market initiatives, and our established position in a variety of key industries can help pave the way to higher profitability.


Benefits of Trademark Licensing


  • Eliminates the significant financial/time investment to develop a brand name
  • Customers seek brands they trust when making purchasing decisions
  • Enables licensee to command premium pricing
  • Facilitates ability to compete in new territories
  • Provides access to new customers
  • Ability to leverage opportunities with other Honeywell businesses/licensees
  • Brings new excitement to product lines