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Honeywell Helps Canadian Utilities Increase Energy Efficiency and Improve Grid Performance With peaksaver PLUS Programs 


Programmable Thermostats and In-Home Energy Displays Help Boost Enrollment, Manage Demand and Promote Conservation


MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 22, 2012 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced it is delivering residential and small commercial demand response and energy efficiency programs for three Ontario-based utilities - Burlington Hydro, Hydro Ottawa and PowerStream. The utilities’ peaksaver PLUS™ programs will help meet requirements established by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to alleviate strain on the electrical grid and empower customers with tools to better manage energy consumption.

The peaksaver PLUS programs are part of a province-wide initiative to mitigate increasing demand on the power grid and build on the success of the utilities’ initial peaksaver® demand response programs, which Honeywell helped launch in 2006.


The company will aim to enroll approximately 20,000 new customers in the utilities’ programs, adding to their existing peaksaver base of more than 40,000 homes. According to estimates from the OPA, this will give the three utilities the ability to reduce combined demand by at least 30 megawatts when energy use peaks, usually on the hottest, most air-conditioning intense days of the year. The programs are also expected to help trim day-to-day electrical use in participating homes. 


In return for their participation, customers will receive a free, professionally installed in-home energy display, as well as the Honeywell UtilityPRO® demand response thermostat, the original incentive for the programs. (Homeowners already enrolled in peaksaver are also eligible for the in-home display at no cost.)


These incentives will help Burlington Hydro, Hydro Ottawa and PowerStream recruit program participants, giving residential users both in-home displays and load-control technology to further increase peak savings and promote efficiency.


“Managing rising levels of peak electricity demand while keeping costs in check is critically important to us and our customers, and part of a concerted effort to foster a greater culture of energy awareness,” said John Sherin, director of conservation and demand management at PowerStream, Ontario’s second largest municipally owned electricity distribution company, serving more than 340,000 customers. “Honeywell has proven it can reach customers with cost- and energy-saving incentives that drive enrollment, meet program goals and help reduce demand.”


UtilityPRO, the first touchscreen programmable thermostat designed for demand response programs, allows utilities to cycle air conditioners on and off for brief intervals when energy use spikes and strains the grid. The thermostat also provides customers the same features as top-of the-line thermostats found in home improvement stores. Its menu-driven programming, online connectivity and other features help reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort. 


The in-home energy displays will add to these savings. The programs will provide peaksaver PLUS participants with the PowerCost Monitor™ from Blue Line Innovations. The PowerCost Monitor is a small, digital display that gives an accurate, near-real-time view of household electricity use and costs so homeowners are aware of their consumption and can make adjustments as necessary. Honeywell will also program the in-home displays to fit with utility rate structures, including time-of-use rates.


In addition to installing the technology, Honeywell will handle appointment scheduling for the programs, as well as all data tracking, reporting and customer service.


“Honeywell has an unparalleled track record when it comes to finding the right tools to support utilities’ efforts to manage demand, and getting the technology in as many homes and businesses as possible,” said Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions. “By adding new incentives to the peaksaver initiative, Burlington Hydro, Hydro Ottawa and PowerStream can connect with more users, helping provide greater peak load management, meet provincial mandates, and increase customer support and satisfaction.”


Honeywell has a legacy of working with utilities and their customers, giving it a unique perspective on how to quickly realize the benefits of the evolving grid. With controls in more than 150 million homes, 10 million buildings and thousands of industrial sites across the globe, and experience managing demand response and energy efficiency programs for more than 100 utilities, Honeywell has the offerings and experience to empower smart energy users. For more information, please visit or follow HoneywellGrid on Twitter. 
Honeywell ( is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell's shares are traded on the New York, London, and Chicago Stock Exchanges. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit


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