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Honeywell Vindicator's unique products and solutions protect more than 1,500 highly sensitive, high-risk sites across the globe.

With 30+ years of experience, Vindicator understands the nuances of securing critical facilities. We understand how to design products that will last, how to design systems that will meet specs & mandates, and how to help clients stay within budget. Vindicator's Integrated Security System is:


Vindicator products deliver an 11-year mean-time-between-failure, are certified by the DoD and DoE to protect nuclear facilities, and via embedded design, are completely impervious to hacking and to virus/worm attacks


The modular design of our system enables sites of all sizes and types to benefit. The system can handle over 20,000 multi-state inputs and monitor over 10,000 discrete alarm points, such as access control readers, perimeter sensors, or cameras


The system is designed to interoperate across a variety of WAN connections, providing enterprise-wide security without the single point vulnerability of centralized servers.


Vindicator's system integrates with any third party product (access control readers, advanced detection devices, CCTV systems, computer aided dispatch, fire sensors...). This provides an easy upgrade path for sites with legacy equipment, and countless options for new installations.


The modular design of the system enables easy provisioning across a wide variety of communications infrastructure (LAN/WAN, RS-484, Fiber, RF, etc.). Once snapped into place the server auto-configures itself for plug-and-play operation


Monitor multiple locations (both local & remote). The system provides map-based views of facilities with intuitive icons and controls, works with a variety of displays (CRT, plasma display, touchscreen, video wall, etc.), and is foreign language capable


System communication is redundant and encrypted for maximum security. The DoD and DoE have certified our products for nuclear missions. Our products also meet the following specifications/certs: DCID 6/9, TDEA (Triple DES), SIA, UL-1076/2050/294/864...

Vindicator - Security for Mission