Technology Summaries 
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Technology Summaries
Technology Summaries
Carbonized Asphaltene-based Carbon - Carbon Fiber Composites
Controllable Seismic Source
Dual Contact POGO PIN Assembly
Multi-Material, CTE Matched Heat Sinks for High Power Integrated Circuits
Single Piece LTCC Seal Frame and Lid
Miniature Kelvin Contact for PIN Type Electronic Connections
Feed Mechanism and Method for Feeding Minute Components
Apparatus and Methods for Hydrocarbon Extraction
Portable Ladder Mount
Cooling Electronic Device via Endothermic Reaction
Curing Powder Paint on Low Melt Temperature Thermoplastics
Heating Case for Portable Electronic Device
Method for Active Sensor Signal Optimization
Physically Unclonable Functions Using Intrinsic Material Properties of Semiconductors
Pop Rivet Tool
Rapid PCB Prototyping by Selective Adhesion
Thermal Via and Thermal Trench: Growing on Diamond or Diamond Composites

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