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National Security Campus move is under way 

 It’s being called the biggest industrial move in America today. 

The Kansas City Plant officially began the move on Jan. 23 to the new National Security Campus. The new facility in Kansas City showcases innovation and cost savings, highlighted by environmentally friendly features and innovative space management.

Over the next 18 months, about 3,300 truckloads will transport about 2,800 pieces of equipment ranging from desk size to tractor trailer size. Estimates are that the entire move will use 30,000 crates – which if stacked would be more than 5 times the height of Mount Everest.

Dual operations will be under way at both facilities to ensure uninterrupted delivery of KCP’s mission critical components.

“The biggest challenges are the sheer size and complexity of what is to be moved,” noted Kansas City Field Office Manager Mark Holecek. “This is why we've made such an upfront investment in planning this event.” Planning for the move got under way in earnest in 2010.

“It truly has been a team effort and we look forward to continuing our national security mission.” Holecek added. “This on-time, on-budget project has boosted the local economy by generating more than 1,000 construction jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in needed economic development to the region. We are proud of that contribution.”

Energy efficiency is a key feature of the new facility, which is certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold-rated green campus. It’s expected to save an estimated $100 million in operating costs from a combination of overhead reduction and sustainable strategies that cut energy consumption by more than 50 percent.

The phased-in approach has about 55 office personnel moving in January, joining skeletal shipping and maintenance staffs. Another 200 office employees will make the move next month, when the first of several manufacturing moving stages begin.

By the time move-in is complete next year, 2,500 employees will relocate into five new buildings comprising 1.5-million-square-feet on the campus.


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