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FMA Live! inspires students to pursue careers in math and science 


FMA Live

Using lights, music, and visual effects, Honeywell’s FMA Live! presented a science education program disguised as a hip hop concert to nearly 2,000 Kansas City area students on November 10 and 14.

Students at South Valley Middle School in Liberty, MO and Hickman Mills Jr. High in Kansas City, MO took an interactive journey through Newton's three laws of motion and the universal law of gravity.

Designed to make science relevant to kids' everyday lives, the program brings an authentic, live, hip-hop concert experience to middle schools across the country, FMA Live! has traveled 89,000 miles, reaching more than 281,300 students at 807 middle schools in all 48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada since 2004.

Over the next decade, job opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math will grow up to five times faster than other sectors. To meet this need, Honeywell and NASA developed this amazing show to inspire students to pursue careers in these fields.

According to, the United States ranks in the bottom third and bottom fifth among industrialized nations in science and math, respectively. FMA Live! helps support the current administration’s nationwide effort, Change the Equation (CTE), to better prepare students to lead in the 21st century in science and math. CTE is a CEO led effort of partnerships with leading universities, foundations, non-profits, and organizations representing millions of scientists, engineers and teachers that motivate and inspire young people across the country to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Named for Sir Isaac Newton’s second law of motion (force = mass x acceleration) FMA Live! uses professional actors, original songs, music videos and interactive science demonstrations to teach middle school students Newton’s three laws of motion and universal law of gravity.

During each FMA Live! performance, students, teachers and school administrators interact with three professional actors in front of a live audience to experience Newton’s laws firsthand. A giant sticky wall is used to demonstrate inertia; go-carts driven across the stage illustrate action and reaction; and ‘extreme’ wrestling and a huge soccer ball show that force is determined by mass multiplied by acceleration. All three of Newton’s laws are demonstrated simultaneously when a futuristic hover chair collides with a gigantic cream pie.

FMA Live! is a collaboration between NASA and Honeywell and is the only nationally touring, multi-media, science-education production of its kind. To learn more about FMA Live! or to download curriculum materials visit

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