NEPA - Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations 
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NEPA - Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

To further transparency and openness in its implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Department of Energy (DOE) has established a new policy with regard to the online posting of certain categorical exclusion determinations. Applicable determinations made by the Kansas City Field Office (KCFO) are listed below:

KCFO CX Determinations:
10/30/2012, Magnetic Pulser, KCP12-04
10/30/2012, Electron Beam Melting, KCP12-02
10/30/2012, Closure of Aboveground Hazardous Waste Storate Tank, KCP12-05
10/24/2012, Routine Operating and Administrative Activities (ROAA) - NCR KCP13-02
07/18/2012, Project 1769 - Relocate NC-135 Site Operations
10/07/2011, Routine Operating and Administrative Activities (ROAA) - NCR KCP11-03
9/23/2011, Project 1803 - Install New Groundwater Pumping Well in IRS North Parking Lot
8/02/2011, Project 1802 - Abandon Well 109 Vault, Piping and Electrical
11/12/2010, Routine Operating and Administrative Activities (ROAA)
9/13/2010, Project 1712 - Repair OF002 CIPP Liner Near AICO Inlet
4/16/2010, SGT Refurbishment Process Relocation from KCP to KO
3/01/2010, Project 1653 - Dispose of Beryllium Contaminated Equipment
2/18/2010, Project 1616 - Remove Inactive High Voltage PCB Line Behind Barn Area
2/18/2010, Project 1615 - Building 16 PCB Decontamination
2/18/2010, Project 1614 - Building 15 PCB Decontamination

For further information, please contact the KCFO NEPA Compliance Officer, Sybil Newchurch Chandler, at (816) 488-3417.

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