FMA Live! 
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FMA Live! Program: FMA Live!
Location: Your school
Date: varies

Honeywell and NASA partnered in 2003 to create FMA Live!. The program is part of Honeywell Hometown Solutions, Honeywell's community outreach program. Named for Sir Isaac Newton's Second Law (Force = Mass x Acceleration), FMA Live! uses live performers, music, videos and interactive scientific demonstrations to teach students about Newton's Laws of Motion and the Universal Law of Gravity - topics identified by the National Science Education Standards as key learning objectives for grades 5-8.

By making science fun and relevant to students’ everyday lives, FMA Live! aims to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Show highlights include:
  • Interactive science demos: a Velcro wall, hover chair; "extreme" wrestling, dragster cars and rocket launchers
  • Original music and dance moves performed by professional actors
  • Music videos and rockumentary about the live of Sir Isaac Newton
  • Involvement of students, teacher and school administrators in the demonstrations