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Oil and Gas – Supply & Distribution 
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Oil and Gas – Supply & Distribution - Honeywell Automation India Limited With more than 10 years of experience in serving major oil and gas customers in India, Honeywell enjoys the leadership position in the established businesses of Oil and Gas - Supply & Distribution including Terminal and Retail Automation.

Honeywell Process Solutions focuses on Pipeline SCADA, Terminal Management Solution and Retail / Gas station automation as a part of our Oil and Gas - Supply & Distribution. Terminal Automation is one such business, where in last two years, Honeywell has recorded more than 90% market share mainly on account of cutting edge technology solution supported with in-time and prompt after market support services.

The Honeywell Oil and Gas - Supply & Distribution Solution map encompasses various critical functions including but not limited to –

  • Product Transfer from Refinery to terminals (Ships, Pipelines, Road, Rail)
  • Instrumentation and Control Solutions for Product Pipeline Applications
  • SCADA Systems for Product Pipeline networks
  • Automation Solutions for Terminals / Depots
  • Fleet Management Systems between Terminals and Gas (Retail Outlets) Stations
  • Automation Solutions for Retail Outlets
  • Automation Solutions for LNG / LPG terminals
  • Gas Distribution automation

Honeywell India has pioneered growth of the Oil and Gas - Supply & Distribution business with a significant contribution in developing & delivering flexible solutions and packaging including LSTK / Upgrade / Modernization projects to suit varying customer requirements among multiple plants / locations.

Following are major Honeywell solutions / equipments –

  • Experion™ PKS
  • Custody transfer System (CTS – TAS Software)
  • Safety Manager (ESD & Fire & Gas System)
  • HC 900 (Hybrid Controllers)
  • Access Control System
  • Digital Video Manager
  • EBI / e-Server
  • Field transmitters

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