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Oil and Gas – Exploration & Production 
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Oil and Gas – Exploration & Production - Honeywell Automation India Limited The Oil and Gas – Exploration & Production business at Honeywell provides solutions for onshore and offshore oil & gas production. It facilitates both control and the flow of information between various operations.

This line of business is responsible for making reliable information readily available at all levels in the organization. It makes the most current information available for operations, arrival and scheduling of materials, inventory and spot market prices into the hands of decision makers at the client’s end.

Honeywell looks at all operational business processes in the fields of oil and gas to consolidate information across multiple and complex operations into a single picture. Thus, it seamlessly joins the various layers of control systems with client’s current ERP system.

The Oil and Gas - Exploration & Production business provides solutions focused on enabling your day-to-day, hour-by-hour business decisions. These include:

  • Closed loop response capability where appropriate.
  • Possible minute-by-minute events & activities.
  • New SCADA, DCS or RTUs.
  • Safety Shutdown System.
  • New control centre / expanded control centre for a ‘gathering’ centre.
  • Telecom connections for onshore DCS/SCADA/ESD access.
  • Interface to wells on the sea bed via multiphase tie-backs to the platform.
  • Pipeline solutions, if long distance to shore.
  • Real time information / historian / web access.
  • Connection to business systems, for production volumes.
  • Advanced performance applications.
  • Advanced choke control of wells, water re-injection management, gas lift control and field-wide optimization, well testing, condition monitoring/equipment health (asset) management.
  • Security solutions: access control, CCTV.
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