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Honeywell Building Solutions - Honeywell Automation India Limited Each building is unique in terms of construction, utilities / facilities provided usage and people. Due to large number of diverse technologies that exist in any building, managing them effectively and efficiently is a challenge. Hence, building / facility managers all over insist on a sophisticated Building Management System that helps them do this. A well-designed Building Management System ensures smooth operations of the building as well as makes it energy efficient.

Honeywell Building Solutions (HBS) is the largest and most technically skilled Building Automation Solutions provider in the Indian Subcontinent. For over 15 years, we have been demonstrating our abilities in Designing, Installing, Commissioning, Maintaining, Servicing and Guaranteeing performances (for example Energy Savings through Performance Contracting) in some of the most complex, challenging & prestigious projects across South Asia.

Our Solutions Include:


  • HVAC Control Systems.
  • Fire Detection Systems.
  • Security Systems - Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems & Perimeter Control Systems.
  • Integrated Systems - using Honeywell Building Solutions’ Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) which is a powerful suite of applications that integrates cost effective control over HVAC Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Security Systems and Energy Management Systems. EBI helps you in maximizing productivity, optimizing assets, lowering your operating costs, securing your facility & safeguarding your occupants.
  • After Market Services to ensure the reliable upkeep and uptime of Honeywell Systems.
  • Performance Contracting & Total Asset Management (PC TAM) - From Managing energy savings & consumption to total outsourcing of technical services in the facility

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