Aerospace in India 
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With comprehensive offerings ranging from wheels, brakes, and propulsion to cockpit systems and satellite communications, our mechanical and electrical innovations are used on virtually every commercial and defense aircraft platform. We also provide world-class turbochargers that help enable vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.


In India, we are making transportation smarter in the air and on the ground.  Beginning with our 40 year strategic partnership With Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), we support the country's defense and space, civil aviation, and automobile industries, including technology transfers with the TPE331 turboprop engine running on the HTT-40 trainer and the Dornier aircrafts. Our turbochargers power more than 1M vehicles in the country.



Businesses: Technologies:
  • Electronic Solutions
  • Air, Thermal, and Power Systems
  • Engines & Power Systems
  • Cockpit Systems
  • Mechanical Systems & Components
  • Logistics Services
  • Services and Connectivity
  • Mechanical Components
  • Transportation Systems
  • Navigation & Sensors
  • Propulsion
  • Safety Systems
  • Services & Connectivity
  • Wheels & Braking Systems
  • Runway and Flight Safety Technology
  • Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Turbochargers with Variable Nozzle Technology



Transportation Systems in India


In India, Transportation Systems (TS) opened a manufacturing facility in Pune in 2005. TS has subsequently expanded operations to include product development and testing activities for both global and local automotive applications at our technology center in Bangalore. The plant manufactures turbos for India, and serves as an export hub for Southeast Asia, Europe and customers spread throughout the globe. India also serves as Honeywell’s global platform development center for small and medium-sized turbocharger applications, a rapidly growing segment in the Indian automotive industry. These turbos help global engine platforms achieve EU4, EU5 and EU6 emission standards.


About Turbochargers


Turbocharging is the most affordable “green” technology available today for automotive engines as it increases fuel efficiency, decreasing CO2 emissions through engine downsizing without compromising performance. Simply put, a turbo fitted to a small engine equals the power of a big engine combined with the fuel efficiency and improved emissions of a small engine. Turbo technology has become the choice for many automakers striving to meet environmental and regulatory demands because turbos are a proven technology, improving engine fuel efficiency by 20 to 40 percent while enhancing performance.


In India, despite being the youngest entrant in turbocharger technologies, TS is outpacing the local market by developing products specific to global and domestic customers in India based on proven technology from Europe and around the world. TS has quickly become a trusted partner in India given our diverse portfolio and experience in delivering innovative technology to an automotive market that is becoming more sophisticated and demanding every year.


Today, TS supplies turbochargers to almost all local and global OEMs present in India, and has one of the widest portfolios of products for engines ranging from 0.8L to 32L, of which the 0.8 to 8L turbos are supplied in India, while the 27L and 32L engine turbochargers are exported. TS is an industry leader in the development of “micro turbos” specifically designed for 2-cylinder engines below 1L. Diesel technologies currently being introduced within India include wastegate and free floating turbochargers, as well as the world-renowned VNT™ (Variable Nozzle Turbine) technology pioneered by Honeywell. In 2014, the unit launched India's first locally-manufactured gasoline turbocharger.


With a manufacturing facility and technical center each in India, Honeywell expects to become the dominant turbo technology supplier in the market. To learn more about Honeywell Turbochargers, click here. To learn more about Honeywell Aerospace, click here.


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