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EAGLE - CentraLine introduces new BACnet system controller

CentraLine, the partner brand from Honeywell has extended its range of building automation system controllers, which support the manufacturer-independent BACnet communication protocol (via BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP) with the EAGLE.

Through certification according to the B-BC Profile (BACnet Building Controller), which the EAGLE controller is currently running through, and with the simultaneous support of the LonWorks protocol, the EAGLE enables integration of LON and BACnet MS/TP-based individual room controllers, pumps, frequency converters and other products.

EAGLE can be used flexibly for all types of buildings and applications. In simple applications with one single controller, such as a small school, its integrated inputs/outputs meet the needs of the whole system. In complex networked properties for large-scale projects, EAGLE controllers can be extended with panel bus input and output modules, enabling hardware savings of up to 20 percent. The effort for maintenance is also minimal, as these modules can be replaced without using any particular software tools.

The usage of the EAGLE controller also offers the advantage of handling projects very efficiently. The library of applications which has grown and has been tested over decades, can be reused when programming the EAGLE.

Supports TCP/IP and MS/TP infrastructures

EAGLE can be connected as a basic TCP/IP product into an existing standard Ethernet instructure, without special cabling.

EAGLE controllers include an integrated web server. This enables system operation using standard browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, with on-site and remote access from any connected PC. Users can access time programs, data points, controller parameters and other information in the controller through the TCP/IP network, subject to the user’s level of authorisation. This is achieved without additional software, so saves money and maintenance effort. The web server can also act as the control centre in small systems. It can provide redundant operation, independent of the control centre, so increases the stability of the entire system.

Alarms can be sent to email accounts through the TCP/IP network. So a service partner can be alerted to system problems; if applicable, they can then analyse them remotely through a PC browser and, in some cases, can repair them too.