Automation and Control Solutions 
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Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions increase economic performance and efficiency, care for the environment and protect people, assets and buildings. Honeywell’s automation technologies and solutions ensure lower building maintenance costs. People can feel more comfortable in homes and buildings, and industrial companies can produce more for less. Protection against intruders and avoiding accidents contribute to a peaceful living and successful work situation.

Information about electric and electronic equipment (WEEE, RoHS)

Home Technology – Water, Heating, Automatic Control

For more comfort and efficiency in homes, buildings and industrial plants. Home Automation, Room Control and Area Control in residential areas, effective and economic Drinking Water supply and intelligent solutions for Warmth and Heating Systems. Drinking water fittings Water Supply and Industrial Operations. Problem solutions from Braukmann, Centra and MNG products.

Cooling Solutions

cooling components, expansion valve, hot gas bypass valve, liquid injection valve, solenoid valve, electronic control, vibration absorber Our product range combines the FLICA experience in refrigeration, airconditioning and heat pump applications with Honeywell's excellency and capability in production and delivery. Offering a wide range of component solutions, spanning from thermostatic expansion valves and solenoid valves to electronic controls, we tailor for customers´ special requests and focus on finding a solution.

Combustion Control

Products to regulate heating and ventilation We are OEM partner. Our products can be found in products of other manufacturers, such as oil and gas firing plants, thermal value equipment, central heating boiler, district heating systems as well as systems and equipment for processing water, gas, air conditioning and ventilation. Most products are the result of corporate developments, customised to the requirements of the manufacturer.

Sensor Systems

Sensor and switch devices for manifold uses in industrial areas Sensors, switches, optoelectronic devices for mechanical engineering, motor vehicles, IT, aviation and other industries; “Automotive & Information Technology” with sensor devices for vehicle electronics.

Building Solutions

Efficient building operations provide security for people and assets Energy Services, Safety for People and Property, Building Automation, Integrated Building Control,Service,Facility Management (property administration) and sector solutions, like Healthcare or Pharmaceutical Industry, Training

Process Solutions

A comprehensive and standardized range of products, solutions and services for flexible industrial automation Automation and optimization of production processes, process and production management systems, comprehensive individual application solutions and services. Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS), manufacturing execution solutions, solutions for chemistry, petro-chemistry, pharmaceuticals, energy supply as well as for the paper and cellulose industry.

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Honeywell Field Solutions

Measuring, regulating, automating and registering in the industrial  environment Measurement converter for process, differential and absolute pressure, flow and temperature, maintenance and configuration tools for field devices, measurement analysis technology, control unit, registering technology, automation systems, process visualization, electrical control unit drive, corrosion measurement.

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FEMA Controls

Partners for safety-relevant pressure- and temperature-sensors Electronic pressure switches, transmitters as well as certified product solutions, e.g. ATEX and DVGW for safety-relevant applications in the area of industrial automation. Switches and -transmitters, thermostats and temperature-transmitter, flow monitors as well as solenoid valves.

Honeywell Airport Systems GmbH, Wedel

The Honeywell Aerospace location in Wedel offers customers Airport Management Systems Honeywell Airport Systems provides customers with the entire range of airport management systems including airport and hazard lighting, control and monitoring systems, automatic selected movement ground control systems (A-SMGCS), navigational and tracking systems for airport vehicles (ETNA), and docking systems.


Security through video and access control The requirements for modern security technology are as varied as the objects to be protected. With products and systems from Honeywell Security Group individual safety can be realized - from small solutions for homes to complex integrated systems for large industrial plants.

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Fire Protection Notifier

Fire protection through electronic fire alarm technology Electronic fire alarm technology approved by German Insurance Underwriters (VdS) for
Wireless Fire Alarm Processors, Multiple Sensor-Smoke Alarm, Notifier University with available seminars in the Security Sector

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ESSER Fire Alarm Systems

Comprehensive solutions for professional and effective fire protection As supplier of intelligent building systems we provide economic and efficient solutions in fire alarm technology for superior demands.Throughout the world, our products make buildings safe, convenient and productive places for the people who use them - in hotels, public buildings and banks, as well as in large industrial plants and airports.

Ackermann Call Systems

Communication solutions for hospitals and care facilities At Ackermann the focus is on communications for hospitals and clinics, as well as call systems for nursing homes and health care facilities.