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Health, Safety and Environment Management System and Core Standards 
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Sustainable Opportunity Policy:
Honeywell’s Commitment to
Health, Safety and the Environment

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The company's HSER matters are managed by a global team of more than 700 trained professionals with extensive knowledge of the use and disposal of toxic substances, and hundreds of years of collective experience in occupational health, hydrology, geology, engineering, safety engineering, industrial hygiene and remediation.
The company utilizes a comprehensive HSER Management System based on recognized third-party-certified standards, including ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and industry best practices. The system is fully integrated into the Honeywell Operating System, the company’s blueprint for continuous, sustainable operational improvement. Compliance with standards and regulatory requirements is monitored through a company-wide HSER-led audit process. The timely development and implementation of process improvement and corrective action plans are
closely monitored.
Honeywell's HSER Management System is based on 15 core standards, which require the company's businesses to identify HSER matters and legal requirements, set clear objectives for improvement, and maintain programs designed to achieve those objectives. These laws and standards regulate virtually every aspect of the transportation, management, handling and disposal of hazardous substances in products, waste and packaging. When environmental contamination is discovered, from past operations, strict procedures require investigation of the conditions, evaluation of appropriate remediation techniques, and implementation of remedies that protect human health and the environment, and promote reuse.