Congratulations to Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote, Chief Executive Magazine’s 2013 CEO of the Year
CEO of the Year 
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CEO of the Year

"David took on an enormous challenge and just hit it out of the park, creating one Honeywell.  He's often said the trick is in the doing and David has done it, both internally at the company and externally in the strong statesman role he's playing to help our country."

- Jim Turley, Chairman and CEO, Ernst and Young and 2013 CEO of the Year selection committee member 


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Chief Executive Magazine’s “CEO of the Year,” award recognizes an outstanding corporate leader nominated and selected by peers. Under Dave Cote’s leadership for more than a decade, Honeywell has:

Increased sales by 71% to $37.7 billion
Increased EPS* by 197% to $4.48
Delivered a total shareowner return of 240%, consistently outperforming the S&P 500 
Transformed Honeywell into a global company, with 54% of sales coming from outside the U.S.
  versus 41% 10 years ago
Oversaw more than 75 acquisitions and 50 divestitures

Nominations for CEO of the Year were garnered from Chief Executive Magazine’s 124,000 readers. The ten most frequently cited nominations were evaluated and a winner was voted upon by a peer Selection Committee consisting of CEOs from leading global corporations.
On Friday, July 26, Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote received Chief Executive magazine’s CEO of the Year award at a special event hosted by NYSE Euronext and the Chief Executive Group at the New York Stock Exchange. Colleagues, friends, and family gathered in support of Cote and celebrated Honeywell’s impressive transformation into a consistently profitable under Cote’s leadership. 

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* Proformas exclude pension mark-to-market expense of $0.79 and $0.12 per share for 2012 and 2003 respectively.